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IK-2 with blackjack and corpses. Human rights activists have detected in the Rostov colony OPG


In Rostov in a strict regime colony No. 2 are victims of extortion of money from prisoners, as well as business, gambling and drugs, at the end of September were two convicts. About it Open Russia said the two coordinators of the project against corruption and torture Gulagu.net.

According to them, the two prisoners were severely beaten in the days of debt collection, and “voluntary-compulsory payments” at the end of September. Prisoner Paul Gayevoi, said the project was beaten to the state in which he was paralyzed in the left side of the body. Another prisoner Magarima (the exact name is not set. — Open Russia) beat, and then unconscious thrown out the window. He’s dead.

One of the coordinators of the project told the Open Russia that similar cases in the IR-2 has increased dramatically from January 2017: “the Convicts were not just against it, but to no avail. The top was assigned to prisoners who allegedly had to kind of put things in order on drugs, alcohol and gambling. In fact, they formed within the colony of OPG and all of this is run”.

Another coordinator Gulagu.net according to the prisoners said that those responsible for the organization of the games at the beginning of each month and require all to register for different tournaments — backgammon, chess, football. Each collect up to 500 rubles.

“Everyone is obliged to transfer to General SIM card to the end of the month. Not only pay the winners of the tournaments and those about whom you know that they have no relatives — that is a very small number of people. You can, of course, not be recorded in tournaments, but such prisoners restrict the cell phones, cancel date, and so on. Most prefer at least a little, but give,” — said he.

Drugs and card games — separate business in the IR-2, added the source Open Russia.

Immediately after the incident with the prisoner Magarima in a colony there has arrived group of field investigators of own security of management of the Federal penitentiary service in Rostov region. The prisoners said that the day each unit has caused several people and forced to write a statement, which said that in the IR-2 all right.

According to the draft, in the process of checking in one of the rooms of group number 3 was a broken window, and moved a bench on the pavement. The sides Open Russia believe that this was done to conceal the circumstances of the murder.

Gulagu.net believe that the members of the group who organized the scheme of extortion of money from prisoners, working in conjunction with unscrupulous prison staff and management of the regional FSIN for over 3 years.

The project sent a statement about the incident with the beaten prisoners to the justice Ministry, the Director of the Federal penitentiary service Gennady Kornienko, the Prosecutor of the Rostov region Yury Baranov and the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

Источник: micetimes.asia


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Что я думаю о социальной сети Gulagu.net, проекте против коррупции и пыток?

Меркачева Ева Михайловна

Меркачева Ева Михайловна

Журналист, заместитель председателя ОНК Москвы

Проект против пыток и коррупции Gulagu.net  сделал то, во что даже трудно поверить. Он объединил тысячи людей в борьбе против произвола в тюремной  системе.  О проекте знают в каждой колонии и в каждом СИЗО, и попасть "на карандаш" блогеров  для многих тюремщиков означает потерять авторитет и, возможно,  даже работу и порой - свободу.  Gulagu.net читают люди в ФСИН, в Кремле, его изучают граждане, живущие за рубежом, в том числе журналисты с мировым именем.  Мне известны случаи, когда после публикации на сайте возбуждались уголовные дела, задерживались коррупционеры, освобождались наконец невиновные.   Многие жалобы заключенные пишут сначала сюда, а потом уже в ОНК. Это говорит о высочайшем уровне доверия, о том, что арестанты знают - их просьбу о помощи не оставят в стороне. 
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